Dry Lips

Flaky and dry lips, what’s the best way to deal with it?

Some females, in autumn and winter, their lips become dry, cracked and flaky. In severe cases, their lips will crack and bleed when they speak, and drinking a lot of water will not help.

Dry lips
Dry lips

My lips are always dry, cracked and flaky. What’s wrong?

1. Lack of water

First check whether the body is dehydrated . According to the drinking water requirements for adults in the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents”, you should drink 1500~1700ml of water every day. Because each person’s situation is different, the amount of water you drink can be increased or decreased.

If you have completed the daily water intake requirement and still have chapped lips, then start by increasing the humidity in the air, especially if you often work or stay at home, you can use an environmental humidifier to keep your lips moist and cared for;

2. Bad habits

When the lips are peeling, we tend to use our hands to tear off the dead skin. The correct way is to wet the lips with warm water, and then gently remove the dead skin that is about to fall off.

Some people like to moisten their lips subconsciously with their tongue when their lips are chapped , but they don’t know that licking lips many times can easily lead to dry, cracked, and flaky skin in that area, and even form a vicious cycle.

The above two bad living habits will increase the dryness and peeling of the lips, so everyone needs to control themselves.

3. Cheilitis attack

Dry lips
Dry lips

Cheilitis attacks are characterized by varying degrees of dryness, redness, swelling, scaling, edema, itching, and burning sensation on the lips.

Long-term exposure to the outside, such as talking, eating, and eating, etc., may cause recurrence of cheilitis.

People with chronic chapped lips can be classified into two major constitutions: spleen and stomach heat and yin deficiency and fire excess.

Constitution 1: Yin deficiency and excessive fire

Due to insufficient body fluid to moisturize the whole body, it is easy to have a constitution of yin deficiency and hyperactivity of fire, or because of acute fever such as colds and infections, or mood swings, etc., which may turn into fire and damage yin, consume body fluid, and the lips will not have enough moisture to moisturize, resulting in dryness and cracking.

Constitution II: Spleen and stomach heat

A small number of people with excessive heat in the spleen and stomach have this condition due to their congenital constitution, but most of them like to eat spicy, barbecued, fried and other hot foods, which causes the spleen and stomach to produce real heat and dysfunction. The body’s body fluids and nutrients cannot nourish the whole body, leading to chapped lips. In addition to chapped lips, people with excessive heat in the spleen and stomach are also prone to thirst, bad breath, fear of heat and prefer to drink cold drinks.

Save your lips with a super simple method

1. Remove dry skin

Dry skin
Dry skin

Soak a cotton swab in boiling water (boiling water is the best option) and try it on your lips. When the temperature is not too hot, rub it with a little force and the dead skin on your mouth will be easily removed.

2. Choose the right lipstick

The lips may begin to peel, flake, or even peel off layer by layer. For some people, the condition will improve in a few days, but for others, it may take several months or even years, and the lips will become dry and cracked again every time the weather changes.

Generally speaking, chapped lips are most commonly caused by dryness and lack of water. Drinking more water, adjusting your diet, and choosing the right lip balm can alleviate the symptoms. We recommend using topical Lip Balm , which can not only lock in moisture, improve resistance , but also effectively prevent recurrence.

Keep protecting yourself

Whether you have physiological or pathological reasons, you must take good protection in your daily life:

1. Never lick your lips: This may seem like an insignificant habit, but although it can moisturize your lips for a short period of time, it will only make your lips drier after the moisture on your lips evaporates. This is something you should all change.

2. Maintain a good mood: Emotions are also very important. Compared with positive emotions, long-term negative emotions, including depression, anxiety, irritability, crying, etc., are also not good for skin care.

3. Avoid long-term sun exposure and wind exposure: Sun exposure is not only one of the reasons that accelerate the dryness of lips, but also stimulates the skin to produce melanin, such as typical age spots. If you have cheilitis, you should pay attention to lip care. In bad weather such as strong winds, it is best to wear a mask when going out.

4. Do not eat overheated or spicy food: People who like strong flavors are advised not to eat overheated or spicy food to avoid damaging the delicate skin of the lips, as well as tissues such as the oral mucosa and esophageal mucosa.

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