Is oral sex harmful ? How should oral sex be viewed?

With the opening of sexual concepts, oral sex has become the favorite way of making love for couples. However, many people question this form of intercourse and consider it unhealthy. So, is oral sex harmful?

Oral sex refers to a variant form of oral contact with the penis . In ancient China, it was called Yin or Chuixiao (Yinji was vividly compared to Dongxiao, and cunnilingus was called Chuisheng, that is, it was compared to Lusheng). The term “Dian Luan Daifeng” often used in sexual descriptions in ancient literary books actually refers to the oral contact of genitals between men and women . Because the two people are in completely opposite directions, Westerners vividly call it type 69.

United States

For a long time, people have been prejudiced against oral sex and even considered it an illegal and abnormal sexual behavior . It is illegal in many states in the United States. Until 1977, a couple accidentally exposed oral sex photos to others and spread them in court, and were eventually sentenced to five years in prison. In recent years, however, more and more Americans have become more tolerant of oral sex, especially among young people. Oral sex is common and rarely considered abnormal. Another obvious trend is that the incidence of oral trafficking is also high among populations with higher educational levels.

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Semen is a very important substance for the human body and should be protected to minimize loss. Therefore, there is a saying that we should keep it closed but not leak it, and lean our brains, hoping to get this precious substance, thinking that it can prolong life and keep youth forever. So the ancients put X on ING and it was call picking. Swallowing semen during oral sex is not uncommon. In fact, apart from sperm being mainly compose of protein , semen contains only small amounts of fructose and water. It should be said that it has no nutritional effect, and of course, it will not be harmful to the body. Oral intercourse has never been include in the scope of sexual perversion in psychiatric diagnostic standards.

How should we think about oral sex at the moment?

American Textbook

The authors of the American Textbook of General Psychiatry make it clear that sexual behavior that is acceptable to both parties is normal sexual behavior. As long as it occurs between a couple. In terms of anatomy, oral sex is the sexual act that is closest to or in some ways. Even exceeds sexual intercourse. The oral mucosa is soft and smooth because it contains a large number of tactile nerve cells. Rich in sensation, soft and flexible tongue, strong taste, and strong oral muscle movement. Which can not only cause strong happy stimulation to the penis, but also produce obvious excitement and happiness for women. Due to the flexibility of the neck, oral sex can be perform in different positions.

As foreplay, ejaculation-free oral sex is a great way to stimulate sexual arousal. Some women have strong sexual desire, and some women still want to have sex during menstruation. It is the best alternative. It is also a good choice during vaginal inflammation or unsafe periods without any contraceptive measures. Many people just regard oral sex as a competition, and finally end the sexual intercourse process with vaginal intercourse. Or occasionally try the new pleasure of oral ejaculation, which is easier to accept.

Whether oral sex is healthy or not is a question that many people are concerned about. From a medical point of view. As long as both husband and wife have no genital diseases and cleanse before sex. There will naturally be no unhealthy problems. It is just because the penis is the urinary organ, it is naturally easily associate with health problems. Therefore, it must be do voluntarily by the couple. As the saying goes, a twisted melon is not sweet, and neither party can be force to accept it. This will be self-defeating and even affect ordinary sexual intercourse.

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