urological diseases

What are the urological diseases that plague women?

What are the characteristics of urological diseases that women are susceptible to:

The female urinary system is composed of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. In addition, it is also adjacent to the cervix, vulva, ovaries, fallopian tubes and other organs. Therefore, obstetric and gynecological diseases are closely related to urinary system diseases;

Women have a lower risk of developing urinary tract tumors. For example, the male to female ratio for bladder cancer is 4:1, and the male to female ratio for kidney cancer is 2:1;

● Compared with men, women’s urethra is shorter, thicker and straighter, making them more prone to urinary incontinence and bacterial reflux infection;

● Most women will go through sexual intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth and other processes, which also make women more susceptible to urinary system diseases.

What urological diseases are women susceptible to:

Urological diseases
Urological diseases

lower urinary tract infection

●Lower urinary tract refers to the urethra and bladder;

●During adolescence, lower urinary tract infections are mainly related to sexual contact;

●Lower urinary tract infections in middle-aged women are related to fatigue and menstrual infections;

●Lower urinary tract infection in elderly women is related to low estrogen levels after menopause, and urothelial repair is related to decreased anti-infection ability.

Urological diseases
Urological diseases

stress urinary incontinence

●It is also known as “social cancer”, which refers to the involuntary outflow of urine caused by increased intra-abdominal pressure;

●The disease is related to childbirth, vaginal or urethral injuries, tumors, and urethral structural changes;

●Besides this, the disease is also associated with neuropathy, aging and congenital defects.

urethral caruncle

●Urethral caruncle is a benign polypoid mass at the urethra orifice;

●Related to chronic inflammation or chronic irritation of the vulva, reduced estrogen levels and other factors;

●Appropriate supplementation of estrogen can relieve symptoms, and if necessary, surgical treatment.

Urological diseases
Urological diseases

Vesicovaginal fistula and urethrovaginal fistula

●There is an abnormal fistula between the bladder or urethra and vagina;

●The clinical manifestation is persistent leakage of urine;

●Most of them are related to childbirth or injury, and repair surgery should be performed in time.


Female urinary system diseases are very common in clinical practice. Female friends often look sad when receiving emergency treatment. Therefore, a correct understanding of urological diseases and active treatment can solve the pain and improve the quality of life.

Female urinary problems are common

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