Don’t be afraid if you have eczema.

Eczema is not a disease, but the itching can be life-threatening.” Is this the sentiment of many patients? Indeed, eczema is always so painful. In the dead of night, we always want to scratch it with our hands. Moreover, it is capricious and difficult to cure. Why does it bother us so much? Let’s take a look.


Causes of Eczema.

Eczema is a kind of allergic dermatitis, and it has many allergens. If you accidentally come into contact with something that can trigger allergies, it may cause eczema.

So what is the status of eczema?

1. The patient will have symptoms of dry skin, which looks devoid of moisture, accompanied by white flakes and scabs. At the same time, there will be unbearable itching, especially on the person’s face and head.

2. The skin will become rough, dull, lifeless, and feel like dry tree bark when touched. If you have been troubled by eczema, it is very likely that the patient’s mood will be affected, thus inducing a more serious disease.

3. If the skin is red and slightly swollen, do not scratch it with your hands, and remember not to touch items that may aggravate the condition again.

Eczema must be treated in time, and I will share two effective tips below.

1. Duck soup with lotus seeds and barley: This soup can make various body functions smoother, and the preparation method is not difficult.

Ingredients: One duck, lotus seeds, barley, appropriate amount of wolfberry, ginger and green onion, cooking wine, salt.

Method: Wash the duck first. Chop into small pieces. First put water in the pot, then boil it, put the duck in, wait until it boils, then put the barley and other ingredients in, and then that’s it, put it directly into the bowl and eat it, barley is effective It can remove dampness and poison and take it for a long time, which is very beneficial to the symptoms of eczema.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine acupoint massage method: The pressing area is from the calf to the thigh, pressing the outside of the leg, 10 to 15 times each time, you can do it when you have time. It can remove the remaining fire in the body and relieve the itching symptoms of eczema.

You must also take precautions in your daily life.

1. Do not use irritating soaps or shower gels, and keep the bath time to about 25 minutes. Don’t do it too long, and don’t rub it too hard with a bath towel.

2. Get enough sleep and stay in a good mood. Don’t get too anxious. Otherwise, it is easy to get angry.

3. Change clothes frequently and maintain personal hygiene. Only in this way can we better prevent eczema. 4. Do not wash the skin with very hot water, as it will burn the skin.

5. Pay attention to your diet. Do not eat spicy and greasy food, especially do not smoke or drink.

6. In summer, be careful not to wear too thick clothes to avoid excessive sweating, which may not be discharged normally and directly damage the skin, causing serious damage to the skin.

7. Pay more attention to ventilating the room, change clothes frequently, pay attention to maintaining hygiene, wear more loose, soft and comfortable clothes, and keep the skin clean.

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