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How much do you know about the best protein powder

I originally thought that only people who work out would drink best protein powder, but after drinking best protein powder with my grandma for a while, I felt more energetic. I really regretted why I didn’t discover this treasure product earlier!

Protein powder
Protein powder

1. Basic knowledge of protein powder

1.1 What is protein powder?

Protein powder is the main structural material that makes up human cells, tissues and organs, accounting for 16% to 20% by weight. Only by consuming enough protein every day can the body’s normal metabolism be maintained.

The Nutrition Society believes that the daily protein intake of adults should reach 0.8~2.5g/kg of body weight, and the intake of office workers should not be less than 0.8g/kg per day. For adolescents in the development period, or those with exercise habits For humans, the daily protein content should be no less than 2g/kg.

Protein foods
Protein foods

Lack of protein in the human body can easily lead to a decline in immunity. If you often eat takeaways, or your daily diet is too light, and you do not focus on the intake of meat, eggs, and milk, you must supplement protein by eating protein powder.

1.2 What types of protein powder are there?

· Protein powder is divided into soy protein isolate and whey protein.

Soy protein isolate is an important plant protein product and one of the few categories that can replace animal protein. It has a protein content of more than 90% and contains 8 essential amino acids for the human body, especially lysine.

Whey protein is a dairy protein extracted from milk. It is a complete high-quality protein. It is also known as the king of protein. This is the component closest to breast milk among all proteins. The advantage is that it is easy to digest and absorb.

Protein powder
Protein powder

According to different processes, whey protein is divided into concentrated whey protein and whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is a high-purity whey protein further obtained on the basis of concentrated whey protein. The purity is above 90% and the price is relatively expensive. , suitable for specific groups of people, such as infants or people in the recovery period

· Functionally divided into immunity enhancement, QS nutritional supplement, body management, and muscle gain needs

It is recommended to eat whey protein for muscle gain and body management, just to enhance immunity and supplement nutrition. Double protein (whey protein + soy protein), soy protein can also meet the body’s needs very well.

1.3 Who is suitable for eating protein powder?

Protein powder is suitable for people of all ages

For example:

Elderly people over 60 years old begin to lose muscle in their bodies, lose appetite, and have reduced resistance. They are prone to colds, so they are suitable to eat whey protein. The immunoglobulin in whey protein can improve the resistance of the elderly.

For middle-aged people aged 30 to 60, their body metabolism begins to decline at this time, especially those who work. Due to family burdens, they will have greater mental stress and do not have much rest time. Men are prone to overwork and obesity, and women are prone to limbs. Cold, bad complexion. Since the body’s absorption rate of protein powder is higher than that of eggs and milk, if you do not supplement enough meat, eggs and milk, you should consider eating some extra protein.

Young people aged 20 to 30 have good physical fitness in this age group, but considering that they are busy with work and often have to eat takeaways and many people have bodybuilding needs, you can consider sports protein powder at this time. The cholesterol content is very low and can help the body. Build muscle.

2. Which brands of protein powder are worth eating

The first one: BY-HEALTH

The BY-HEALTH brand was founded in 1995. It is a well-known domestic dietary supplement leading brand with strong strength. In addition to domestic, it has also established five raw material supply bases in Brazil, Australia and other places, covering food, dairy products and dietary nutrition. Supplements are the brand’s main products

Tomson By-Health brand protein powder is divided into three categories: soy protein, whey protein and animal and plant double protein complementation. The difference is the protein type and content.

BY-HEALTH brand Protein powder
BY-HEALTH brand Protein powder

The more recommended animal and plant double protein powder, I bought it from an offline drugstore at the time. It is said that the sales volume of this product is very high. The main raw materials are soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and soy lecithin. Different from other products, this one is a specially developed formula and belongs to a specially developed four-protein matrix, which can release nutrients in steps.

The overall protein content of the product is as high as 80%, and it contains a variety of essential amino acids for the human body. The digestibility in the body can reach more than 90%, and the utilization rate can reach more than 85%. Drinking it will not cause bloating and burping, making it very suitable for the elderly.

After I became yang, my immunity has declined, and sometimes I am out of breath after climbing a few more flights of stairs. Now I drink a cup with my grandma every morning, add some honey, the taste is silky, and I can smell the fragrant oatmeal smell. .

Second company: Nestlé

Nestle Protein powder
Nestle Protein powder

Nestlé is the world’s second largest dairy group, with more than 2,000 brands under its umbrella, including coffee, milk powder, health and other fields.

Many people don’t know that Nestlé produces protein powder. In fact, Nestlé’s protein powder is of very high quality. It is a high-quality whey protein powder with a content of 88%. The concentration is similar to medical-grade protein powder. It is especially suitable for those who need to quickly supplement nutrition and who want to enhance immunity. Powerful person.

There are several styles of Nestlé protein powder, the most easily confused being casein and whey protein. Whey protein is packaged in small cans, which is very refreshing and acceptable to most people; casein protein tastes like milk and has a sticky texture. If you are middle-aged and elderly people, whey protein is more recommended.

The third company: Made in Tokyo

Most of the whey protein powder raw materials produce by domestic brands are imported, and the brands only process them a second time, which costs more. Jingzao directly connects to milk sources from New Zealand and Europe, and the price is relatively affordable.

Personal evaluation: I have bought many brands of whey protein powder, including the introduced Nestlé, By-Health and Jingzao. It can be say that tastes good and the protein content is not inferior to these well-known brands. In addition, the price is affordable. If you value cost-effectiveness, you can choose directly and you won’t go wrong.

The fourth one: Nutrasumma

Nutsuma only entered the domestic market in 2015. It is a well-known food brand in the United States that makes nutritional supplements. This is more focused on health and preventive effects. It currently cooperates with more than 100 domestic tertiary hospitals to provide patients with postoperative nutritional supplements.

Protein Powder
Protein Powder

This brand of protein powder is characterize by a high protein content, around 85%. The more famous one is whey protein isolate. The advantage is that the ingredients are clean and do not contain other additives. The powder is fine in texture and easily soluble in water. It is good absorb.

The only fly in the ointment is that this brand of powder is quite expensive, which makes it a bit distressing for ordinary people to use it for daily health care.

Fifth House: Dematais

Dematex is a well-known brand in the field of sports nutrition in the United States. It has won the “Protein Isolate of the Year” award from the authoritative American fitness website for four consecutive years. It is characterize by an ideal protein and amino acid ratio, low fat and sugar content, and Lactose free

Several recommended products include ISOI00, Elite100%, whey, and Elite Casein. If you have lactose intolerance, ISO100 is more recommended. The protein content is 80%, easy to absorb, and very suitable for fitness people.

The sixth one: Nature’s Way

Autrivi is an Australian brand. Its products cover multiple health fields, including multivitamins, protein powder, and melatonin.

This brand of protein powder is a pure plant protein powder. The raw material is from non-GMO soybeans and does not contain any animal ingredients such as milk. It is suitable for those with high cholesterol or vegetarians. From the taste point of view, it has a relatively strong bean aroma, the powder is relatively fine, and it is not easy to clump after brewing. The price is relatively affordable, and it is not too burdensome to drink for a long time.

The seventh company: Muscle Technology

Muscle Technology is a well-known sports nutrition brand in Canada. It is target at athletes and fitness groups. It has been acquire by Xiwang Food in China and has a high market share in the field of sports protein powder.

Muscle Protein powder
Muscle Protein powder

This brand of protein powder has lower calories, but has a sweet taste and relatively high cholesterol content. It contains multiple proteins with different absorption rates, and the overall protein content is about 75%. Among them, the Nitrogen series is the most recognized product. Generally speaking, this brand of powder is more suitable for young and middle-aged people, but not suitable for the elderly with high blood lipids.

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