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Lose weight healthily and easily, just 3 tips

In this article we are going to tell you just 3 tips to lose weight easily

1. How to judge whether you are fat or not?

Many little girls always talk about being fat in medical terms, but they have their own scientific standard. BMI (body mass index) = weight (kg) / height (m2). If your BMI is ≥24kg/m2, you are overweight; if ≥28, you are obese.

Lose weight
Lose weight

You can also measure your waist circumference

Waist circumference ≥90cm for men and ≥85cm for women is abdominal obesity.

Obesity is an energy metabolism disorder caused by multiple factors such as environment and genes. To put it bluntly, it means eating too much, moving too little, and bad genes.

2. To lose weight scientifically, start with small things.

Controlling your weight can also be like eating

Become a part of our lives, such as

​1). To develop a habit of exercise, you can start with 5 squats a day.

You can even do squats while brushing your teeth;

2). Go to bed early, don’t stay up late, and don’t eat late-night snacks;

3). Chew your meals carefully,

Reduce high-salt, high-fat, high-sugar intake;

4). You can drink drinks, but it is recommended to choose sugar-free ones.

Drink more water before and during meals…

Lose weight

It will be easier to stick to it if you start small and gradually.

3. “Keep your mouth shut” and develop eating habits that make it easier to lose weight.

Keeping your mouth shut is not a diet;

But a scientific and balanced diet

Methods such as eating only boiled vegetables, fasting, and very low calorie intake

Many problems may occur

A lifelong struggle with “eating”

How painful this will be~~

“Shut your mouth” and adopt a suitable healthy diet


Rich vegetables and moderate amounts of fruits

Frequently eat fish, shrimp and aquatic products

Regular consumption of dairy and soy products

Moderate amounts of grains and meats

Cooking method is light, less oil and less salt

The same is 1870 calories

A quick meal versus a full day’s worth of food

File Photo
File Photo

4. “Take a step forward” and try weight loss methods that can be sustained for a long time

The correct “step forward” should be followed

It is beneficial, the most important thing is persistence, moderate strength, and the principle of gradual exercise.

Including the following three aspects:

Don’t sit for long periods of time, get up for 5 minutes every hour;

Set reasonable goals to increase daily physical activity; such as doing housework, walking/biking to and from get off work, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator

Appropriate exercise, every day, 30-60 minutes each time; such as brisk walking, running, swimming, cycling, aerobics and other exercises, combined with strength and flexibility exercises at least twice a week, which can be arranged after aerobic exercise.


To put it simply: do aerobics every day, strength training every other day, and flexibility at any time.

To summarize

In the process of losing weight,

The exercise method of “three days fishing and two days drying the net” is not advisable.

It may even harm your health

The coordination of “good habits”, “shut your mouth” and “open your legs” is very important

Step by step and persevere unswervingly

It will definitely create the beautiful you!

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