Deep cleaning teeth

Why don’t some dentists insist on deep cleaning teeth?

First of all, we need to be clearthat deep cleaning teeth is necessary. It protects periodontal periodontology. It is preventive treatment, it is safe. And it can be painless, so I won’t go into details here.

  It is true that dental cleaning is of great significance to dental health. Especially for pre-operative preparation and post-operative maintenance of dental implants. But the reality is: Domestic patients do not receive enough dental cleaning advice from doctors. In many cases, doctors stop at what they want and do not make any more recommendations.

  What we are mainly sharing today is a small question, and it is also a question. That cannot be avoide, that why don’t some dentists let you clean your teeth?

Deep cleaning teeth

Cost measurement

  Whether in public hospitals or private clinics , medical care income is often link to performance. Routine deep cleaning teeth takes a long time and is relatively low-price. It is a low-value-added item in dental treatment. The price of deep cleaning teeth is may Vary in different areas. But if you want to To completely remove dental calculus. The dentist’s operation time will be at least half an hour. And a more meticulous dentist will take about 40 minutes to an hour. In other words, the more deep cleaning teeth, the more tired the doctor is and the less income he earns. 

  After a period of time, the doctor who clean teeth every day found that he could not pay the mortgage and resigned and changed his career. The clinic that cleaned teeth every day found that he could not pay the rent and closed down.

  Every time dental cleaning is recommend, the doctor poses a financial challenge to himself. Or choose to say softly: “That’s it, it’s okay if you don’t wash it…”

File Photo
File Photo

Development measurement

  Whether dentists are participating in case competitions, professional title evaluations, or exam thesis topics, the cases they need to submit are mostly complex implant cases, exquisite dental cosmetic restoration cases, shocking root canal cases, complex dental implants, and perfect orthodontic restorations. , superb surgical cases, etc. Wait, what are you doing with thousands of dental cleaning cases? No one will watch.

  A physician who is constantly surround by dental cleaning patients will not be able to progress and develop in the profession. Even getting your teeth clean properly will only marginalize you in the academic dental community.

  Every time dental cleaning is recommend, it is a challenge for doctors to develop themselves. Or choose to say softly: “That’s it, it’s okay if you don’t wash it…”

Condition restrictions

  Patients who have never had their teeth cleaned often come to have their teeth cleaned on a certain day, and their oral health is terrible. The doctor endured the stench and fought for 2 hours to remove all the dirt. Tragedy ensued.

  Due to the huge workload, the postoperative reaction was severe, especially after the removal of the “dirty cotton jacket” – dental calculus, various problems existing in the oral cavity were expose. At this time, patients who do not understand often question and speculate, and doctors face various accusations and even accusations.

  Every time a dental cleaning is recommend, the doctor challenges his or her reputation. Or choose to say softly: “That’s it, it’s okay if you don’t wash it…”

Photos of the inside of the mouth of a typical patient with no teeth cleaning habits
Photos of the inside of the mouth of a typical patient with no teeth cleaning habits

Public misunderstanding

  Patients have a large circle of relatives and friends. Before and after treatment, they will listen to their neighbors, their square dancing partners, and online “experts”; but they rarely listen to professionals.

  Before and after treatment, Mrs. Wang from next door often loudly advises patients in their ears: “Teeth cleaning spreads infectious diseases!” “Teeth cleaning will damage the teeth!” “Teeth cleaning will loosen the teeth!” “Teeth cleaning is very uncomfortable!” No. One and all!

  People’s awareness of teeth care is relatively weak, and many people still misunderstand tooth cleaning. Some patients even think that because they have not had their teeth cleaned for many years, there is a lot of dental calculus, and there is a lot of bleeding after tooth cleaning, they think it is the dentist’s treatment. Washed out. Doctors have to face all kinds of objections and doubts, and it is difficult to defend themselves.

  Every time a dental cleaning is recommend, the doctor challenges his patience. Or choose to say softly: “That’s it, it’s okay if you don’t wash it…”

Attitudes towards teeth cleaning

  After ordinary people purchase dental insurance, medical insurance in European and American countries will provide the opportunity for free teeth cleaning twice a year. Why is there such a good treatment?

  Because smart insurance companies know that teeth cleaning twice a year can greatly reduce the incidence of dental disease. Not only will patients suffer less, but insurance companies will also greatly reduce compensation costs.

  Moreover, both dental cleanings must be record on file. If you don’t go, I’m sorry, but the dental premiums will increase in the second year. Because if your teeth are not clean regularly, your health will deteriorate!

  Almost all patients in China who have never had their teeth cleaned have no concept of dental medical insurance.

  Moreover, people in Europe and the United States regard the neatness of teeth. Oral hygiene as an external expression of identity and life attitude. They even regard the health and beauty of teeth as a symbol of civilization. An important part of personal image, and a beautiful scenic spot on the face.

  According to a report from USA Today. The average American spends about $1,000 to $1,500 on dental care each year. And $200 to pull a tooth, $100 to fill a cavity, and $100 to have a tooth clean. More $300, or thousands of dollars if the tooth nerve needs to be treat. Someone joked, “The highest price an American can spend to treat a tooth is enough to buy a diamond, and wearing braces for one year is enough to buy a new car.”


  In this era of rapid development of national oral health awareness, we are gratified to find that through the correct guidance of various new media, teeth cleaning has become a fashion and a need, and more and more young people are actively requesting teeth cleaning. All misunderstandings that have been encounter will be rewarded with more flowers.

  Finally, I would like to pay tribute to those dentists who take the trouble at work, regardless of interests, sincerely recommend tooth cleaning to patients, and are committed to promoting the prevention of oral diseases! So, if you meet a dentist who asks you to clean your teeth, cherish it. He is not interest in profit or trouble, he just wants you to have good and healthy teeth.

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