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My long teeth, food is getting stuck in my teeth? What’s going on?

As people age, their long teeth inevitably grow longer, and even the roots of their teeth may be clearly visible. When teeth grow longer, they are also troubled by the widening of the gaps between their teeth, and eating vegetables can also cause food to get stuck between their teeth. Many young people may have the same experience. Although the age groups are different, the reasons behind them are the same.

Teeth get longer, food gets stuck in teeth, no matter your age, it’s “it” that’s shrinking!

As teeth grow longer, if the roots are exposed, it means that the teeth are about to fall out, and the underlying reason is that the gums are shrinking. Medically, the shrinking of gums is called gum recession. The relationship between gums and teeth is like the relationship between a sapling and soil.

Human teeth start growing around six months after birth, and the development of teeth is not complete until around 20 years old. During the entire process of tooth development, the gums are like the soil for tooth development, constantly supplying nutrients until the teeth grow from saplings to trees. After the teeth are fully developed, the length of the teeth is basically fixed. They will not protrude significantly, nor will they shrink.

The only factor that causes teeth to grow longer is gum shrinkage. This is like a tree that has grown up and its height has basically stabilized. If you want it to grow longer, you can only dig up the soil covering the roots. If the soil is gone, the tree will fall down. The same is true for the effect of gums on teeth. As they continue to shrink, the teeth continue to grow longer. When they become smaller to a certain extent and can no longer cover the roots, the teeth will fall out, the gaps between the teeth will become larger, and food will get stuck in the teeth.

The causes of gum recession are different between young people and the elderly.

For the elderly, gum recession is a natural aging process. Human gums, like other organs, also shrink. After the age of 30, the color of teeth gradually changes from white to yellow. Until around the age of 40, the gums begin to decline and the gums slowly shrink.


People of this age will basically find various dental problems, such as teeth becoming longer, loose, and falling out. This physiological change is normal and irreversible, but there is no need to worry. All you need to do is to brush your teeth every day, chew your food slowly, and pay attention to protecting your teeth, and the rate of gum atrophy will be slightly slower.

For young people, gum recession is periodontal disease. The occurrence of periodontal disease is often related to inadequate oral hygiene and incorrect brushing methods, such as brushing too hard, brushing for only a few seconds a day, etc. Over time, it is easy to cause periodontal inflammation, causing the gums to be injured. If not treated in time, the gums will shrink and become smaller. If it progresses to the point where the gums are eroded and the roots are exposed, it is irreversible, and you will have to spend money to get dentures.

Long Teeth
Long Teeth

In addition to early detection and active treatment, prevention is the key to gum recession caused by periodontal disease. Young people should not be lazy about brushing their teeth. It is necessary to brush for three minutes every day and thoroughly clean the mouth.

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