Acne or STD

Pimples on penis, is penis acne or an STD? identification guide

As a precious male organ, any changes in penis will make panic. this is a question, Pimples on penis acne or STD? let’s know more

When men urinate, caress, and masturbate their babies every day, they always carefully observe the surface of their penis. If they find unknown bumps or spots on their penis, they will worry about whether it is inflamed? Will it be contagious? What should be done? Because the skin of the penis is relatively thin and tender, and the living environment is relatively hot and humid, it is easily invaded by germs, so the chance of developing skin diseases is relatively high.

For men who have not had sexual intercourse or have no history of unclean sexual intercourse, small pimples on the penis (acne) are mostly benign diseases such as penis acne, pearl rash, folliculitis or ectopic sebaceous glands, and generally can heal on their own without treatment;

However, if you have public bathing or have unclean sex, you may be at risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts, molluscum, and genital herpes, which need to be paid attention to and treated in time.

penis acne (example picture)
penis acne (example picture)

Today, give you a comprehensive understanding of the common small bumps (spots, papules, lumps) on the penis, to help brothers understand and identify such problems, so that they can be aware of it and deal with things without panic!

Category 1: Non-infectious diseases

If you have not had sex recently (1-6 months), only have sex with your regular partner (both partners), or are sure to have safe sex with condoms, you will generally not be exposed to sexually transmitted diseases. If small bumps appear on the penis, most of them are caused by the following problems and are not contagious.

No.1, acne (Penis acne)

Penis Acne
Penis Acne

Causes and Symptoms: Just like on the face, chest and back, if the pores on the penis (acne) become clogged, whiteheads or blackheads can form. What clogs your pores can be a combination of sebum, sweat, dead skin cell debris, and bacteria, as well as humidity, hot weather, and oily skin.

Whiteheads are formed deep in the skin. The top is closed and the inside is filled with pus. It is a red and swollen raised papule with white hair. May feels like a lump and feels slightly painful. It is a relatively common penis pimple. Blackheads are open and extruded at the top of the skin and are filled with dead skin cells and dirt. Treatment: It is recommended that you do nothing. Just pay attention to cleaning and keep the area clean and dry. It will subside on its own in a few days. If you try to squeeze out or break the whitehead, it may worsen the acne or leave permanent scars. Generally, no medication is needed, unless the swelling worsens and antibiotics and vitamin A drugs are used under the guidance of a doctor .

No.2, pearl rash

Causes and symptoms: Pearly rash (PPP) usually appears after puberty and appears as white, flesh-colored or pink papules, domed or pointed (papillary), 1-2mm in diameter, 1-4mm in length, arranged in one or two rows Distributed in clusters on the edge of the glans and on both sides of the frenulum. Pearly rash is considered a normal skin variation, with an incidence rate of 14-48%, and is more common in blacks and uncircumcised people.

Treatment: Pearl rash is not contagious and does not cause any discomfort or risk, so it does not require treatment, and it will weaken or disappear with age. However, if it is psychologically unacceptable and seriously affects the appearance, CO2 laser ablation, cryotherapy or surgical resection can also be used . (PS: To see the real picture, go to the public account “Ding Ding Good Doctor” and reply “Little Pimple Real Picture”)

No.3, sebaceous gland heterotopia

Causes and symptoms: Ectopia sebaceus (Fordyce spots) refers to visible sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands, usually located beneath hair follicles that produce skin oils to moisturize and protect the skin, cannot be seen. However, in areas such as the male penis, foreskin, and frenulum where there are no hair follicles or where the skin is thin (it may also appear on the lips and oral mucosa), they may appear as small white or yellow spots, clustered in dozens or hundreds, and sometimes merged into Irregular patches that feel like small grains of sand and flat, smooth bumps, especially when the skin is stretched and stretched.

Treatment: Ectopia sebaceum does not cause any discomfort and does not require treatment. If it seriously affects the appearance and requires treatment, carbon dioxide laser ablation can also be used .

Penis acne
Penis acne

No.4, folliculitis

Causes and symptoms: In the area where pubic hair is distributed, red, papule-like lumps appear on the hair follicles at the root of the pubic hair, which is generally caused by inflammation of the hair follicles. Folliculitis may also cause localized itching or pain. The difference from acne is that acne is caused by sebum debris blocking pores, while folliculitis is caused by bacterial infection in the hair follicles .

Treatment: Folliculitis generally resolves on its own without treatment. Just like acne, just pay attention to keeping the area clean and dry. However, stubborn or recurring cases may require topical antibiotics, which can help reduce swelling and prevent inflammation .

No.5. Burning pain during shaving

Causes and Symptoms: For people who like to shave their pubic hair, or who shave for circumcision surgery, symptoms include a red, bumpy, inflamed rash in the newly shaved area, ingrown hairs, and itching or burning. , or papules filled with pus. These symptoms also occur in any area where hair is shaved, such as beard and armpit hair.

Treatment: When this symptom occurs, mild methods such as cold compresses or aloe vera moisturizing oil/lotion can be used to relieve discomfort. It usually recovers on its own and the hair will be absorbed or grown back .

No.6, lymph node induration

Causes and symptoms: It usually occurs after sexual activity or masturbation, and can also occur after circumcision surgery. It is a subcutaneous induration or mass formed due to lymphatic obstruction. The skin has no abnormal color on the surface and can slide slightly under the skin by touching it with your hands. lumps.

Treatment: Lymph node induration is generally only temporary and will resolve on its own without treatment.

Category 2: Infectious diseases

For patients who are sexually active, have multiple opposite-sex or same-sex partners, have unclean sex, or have been to public baths/lodging, if they develop an unidentified penis pimple or lump, whether itchy, painful, painless, red, swollen, or ulcerated, You should recall your contact history and identify and check whether the following infectious diseases are present. (PS: To see the real picture, go to the public account “Ding Ding Good Doctor” and reply “Little Pimple Real Picture”)

No.1. Molluscum contagiosum

Causes and symptoms: Molluscum contagiosum is a contagious skin infection caused by a DNA pox virus. It is a relatively common contagious skin disease and commonly occurs on the trunk, shoulders, neck, limbs and genitals. It usually appears as flesh-colored, white or translucent, surrounded by a circle of red papules, with a hard and smooth texture, and an umbilicus-shaped dimple in the middle, from which a small case-like molluscum can be squeezed out, singly or in groups, without discomfort or Slight itching.

Molluscum contagiosum has an incubation period of 2-8 weeks after infection. It becomes contagious after the appearance of papules and can be transmitted by oneself or through sexual contact.

Treatment: Molluscum contagiosum generally does not require treatment and will disappear on its own without leaving scars. If treated, methods such as iodophor disinfection after completely extruding the wart, or cryotherapy can be used .

No.2, genital warts

Causes and symptoms: Genital warts are an infectious disease caused by the HPV virus. It is mainly spread through sexual intercourse and is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It appears as flesh-colored or white cauliflower head-like granulations, usually distributed in the penis, glans, scrotum, and anus, and usually gradually grows and spreads.

Treatment: Genital warts can resolve on their own without treatment, but active treatment is generally recommended . If you suspect genital warts, it is best to go to the dermatology and venereology department of the hospital. After laboratory examination and confirmation, use topical drugs, or laser, freezing, electrocautery, etc. to remove the warts to prevent spread and spread. There is also an HPV vaccine available to prevent the HPV virus. (PS: To see the real picture, go to the public account “Ding Ding Good Doctor” and reply “Little Pimple Real Picture”)

It should be pointed out that the incidence of genital warts is very high among sex workers and multiple-partner homosexuals. The use of condoms cannot completely prevent viral infection. Other skin-to-skin contact in the vagina may cause the spread of the virus and cause genital warts.

No.3 Syphilis

Causes and symptoms: Syphilis is one of the common serious sexually transmitted diseases caused by a type of bacteria called Treponema pallidum and is generally spread through sexual contact. The symptoms of syphilis can be divided into 4 stages. The earliest stage may be a hardened and painless chancre at the contact site, followed by one or several white/red ulcers on the penis or genitals, which sometimes heal on their own.

But this does not mean recovery; the second stage may latent or continue to develop systemic rashes and condyloma; after 3-15 years, the third stage will develop into rubbery syphilioma, neurosyphilis or cardiovascular disease, which may lead to death. . (ps: To see the real picture, go to the public account “Ding Ding Hao Yi” and reply “Little Pimple Real Picture”) Treatment: If you suspect symptoms of syphilis, you must undergo examination and treatment . Diagnosis cannot be made from symptoms alone and must be confirmed through blood tests. After diagnosis, treatment is given by injection of long-acting penicillin.

No.4. Genital herpes

Causes and symptoms: Genital herpes is an STD caused by contact with the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Symptoms begin to appear five or six days after first exposure. First the affected area will be very itchy, and then a cluster of painful small blisters will appear, ranging from a needle to the size of a mung bean.

After three or four days, the blisters burst, fester, and ooze clear fluid, turning into ulcers with red edges. The ulcers usually dry up, scab, and heal automatically within ten days. Symptoms such as fatigue, fever, and muscle pain may also occur at the same time. The herpes virus lurks in the nerves and cannot be completely eradicated. Most people may relapse later.

Treatment: Genital herpes also requires examination at a dermatology and venereology department. Follow by antiviral treatment and symptom treatment to reduce the onset time and severity.

Tintin summary

After reading this article, do you feel relaxed about the first six non-communicable diseases? Are the last 4 types scary to watch? In addition to gonorrhea , chlamydia infection , etc. It can also cause penile symptoms, and of course there are serious sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS .

The important difference between the two is whether there is a history of unclean/unsafe sex. If there is a history of unclean sex, many people are often frightened and frightened afterwards.

Sexually transmitted diseases not only cause physical discomfort and health damage, but also bring great risks to families and partners. I hope all you sex partners can have sex safely. Take good care of your body, and take care of your family!

If it’s just a couple, generally you don’t have to worry about STDs and can just have sex.

But if you are sexually active, here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid unclean contact:

1. Put an end to prostitution (especially roadside stalls);

2. Put an end to promiscuity and have fixed sexual partners;

3. Be sure to wear a condom when having sex with strangers. Avoid oral sex and direct contact with sexual organs;

4. If you have symptoms afterwards, seek medical examination and treatment promptly;

5. The last one is to ask for an experience report for future hookups.

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