When your period Menstruation comes, avoid these habits.

The most comprehensive guide in history: Don’t do these things during your menstruation period! How many of them have you done?

Menstrual disorders are also called irregular menstruation, which refers to women’s irregular menstrual cycle (sometimes slow, sometimes fast), abnormal menstrual volume (too much, too little), and problems with the color of menstrual blood (either light or dark).

Do not do these things during menstruation.

1. Do not use inferior, poorly disinfected sanitary napkins, tampons and other products just to save money;

Poor quality hygiene products

2. Do not do strenuous exercise;

3. Don’t overwork yourself, take more rest;

4. Don’t wear tight clothes;

5. Don’t sing loudly;

6. Don’t drink tea. The tannic acid in tea combines with the iron in food in the intestines, thereby affecting iron absorption and causing anemia and other problems.

7. Do not use a tub bath when taking a bath;

8. Eat less raw and cold food;

9. Be careful not to get cold or get caught in the rain;

10. Do not stay in a humid place for a long time;

11. It is best not to have too much contact with cold water;

12. It is best not to participate in swimming;


13. Avoid masturbation and do not pay attention to hygiene, which can easily cause bacterial infection and fever;

14. Do not eat raw, cold or icy food;

15. Keeping the lower body warm is more important. Avoid washing your hair, bathing and feet with cold water.

16. Do not have sex;

17. Don’t eat too salty food;

18. Don’t eat anything too sour or spicy;

19. Do not take blood-activating and blood-stasis-removing drugs or foods (this can be considered before and after menstruation);

20. Don’t drink alcohol.

21. Don’t drink coffee.

22. Don’t stay up late;

23. Don’t take a hot spring bath;

24. Don’t beat your waist;

25. Do not extract teeth;

You have violated several of these rules. Please forward this for the health of your girlfriend, wife and family!

26. Don’t be angry;

27. Don’t dye your hair.

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