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What causes inner ankle pain, let’s know

If middle-aged women experience pain in the inner ankle, they may be suffering from posterior tibial tendon insufficiency (PTTD). Most of the causes are due to age or sprain, which causes the rupture of the posterior tibial tendon behind the inner ankle. If not treated in time, it can lead to deformation of the foot joints and cause degenerative joint disease.

How to tell if you have symptoms of PTTD?

Mainly divided into 2 methods

1. Is there swelling and pain around the inner ankle?

2. When standing on one foot, can the heel be lifted upward?

PTTD symptoms are divided into stages 1-4. From stage 2, the feet begin to deform, and in stages 3-4, it is impossible to walk for a long time.

posterior tibial tendon
posterior tibial tendon

How is treatment performed?

During the first stage, keep quiet, reduce exercise, and take anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, or injections into the affected area. It takes about 2 weeks to take the medicine and 2 injections, for a total of 2 weeks. In addition, in order to reduce the burden on the arch of the foot, arch-shaped insoles are placed in the shoes, and wearing shoes that can fix the heel is beneficial to the stability of the posterior tibial tendon.

Patients with stage 2 or later require surgical treatment. It takes 6-8 weeks to walk after surgery, and about 3 months to return to daily life. Stage 3-4 surgery is more extensive and takes longer to fully heal.

PTTD disease is not yet widespread, and many cases are considered just ordinary sprains, causing the condition to worsen. If you have similar symptoms, it is recommended to undergo further examination.

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