What kind of skin disease is erysipelas? Let’s get know

When everyone hears about erysipelas, they think it is a disease caused by a virus. In fact, it is not. Erysipelas is a kind of skin inflammation, often caused by trauma and infection. The clinical manifestations are more serious. When the disease attacks, it will bring great physiological consequences to the patient. and psychological torture, so for erysipelas, we must do three things early, early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment, so as to reduce the huge damage caused by the disease. First, let everyone understand what erysipelas is.

  1. What is erysipelas?


  Although erysipelas is named after “poison”, it is not caused by viral infection, but by acute purulent dermal inflammation caused by beta-hemolytic streptococcus infection. This kind of bacteria usually invades through damage to the skin or mucosa, such as tinea pedis, puncture wounds, etc., and then causes acute infection of the intradermal reticular lymphatic vessels, so it is also called acute reticular lymphangitis.

  The disease mostly occurs on the lower limbs and face of the human body. Its clinical manifestations include the local appearance of well-defined flaky red rashes, bright red in color, and lighter in the middle. The rash appears as a red papule at first, with a bright red color like a rose, with a lighter color in the middle and a clear boundary with the surrounding area. Press lightly with your fingers, and the redness will fade away. Once you release your fingers, the redness will quickly return.

  In addition, the redness and swelling on the skin surface will quickly spread to the surrounding areas. At this time, the human body will be accompanied by symptoms such as high fever, chills, and headache. Some patients also experience inflammation of the tubular lymphatic vessels, with bright red lines emanating from the injury site and progressing rapidly toward the center. The nearby lymph nodes may also become swollen and painful. Sometimes it can also cause lymphatic vessel obstruction, tissue thickening, and elephantiasis. A few patients with severe symptoms may even suffer from meningitis, acute nephritis, endocarditis, and even sepsis due to erysipelas, which in turn can cause serious harm to the human body.

  2. How to prevent erysipelas?

  1. To prevent erysipelas, you must first adjust your diet. The occurrence of erysipelas is partly caused by severe internal heat. Therefore, your daily diet should be mainly light. Do not eat things that are easy to get internal heat, such as mutton and chili. Ah, seafood and aquatic products can cause erysipelas.

  2. Pay attention to personal hygiene habits, bathe and soak your feet frequently, and change socks frequently. For example, if erysipelas often occurs in the lower limbs, you should pay attention to these. Another thing is to avoid picking your nose frequently, as picking your nose can also cause erysipelas. These bad living habits must be improved.

  3. It is particularly important to avoid trauma. Traumatic infection can also induce the occurrence of erysipelas.

  4. Enhance your own resistance. For example, exercise more and eat more protein-rich foods. Only by strengthening your personal resistance can you avoid the occurrence of erysipelas.

  5. Avoid excessive fatigue and standing for long periods of time; do not wade in the rain in summer; when the skin at the erysipelas site is painful, itchy and uncomfortable, do not squeeze or pinch it; the affected area can be washed with traditional Chinese medicine or heated vinegar bath to enhance local blood circulation.

  Erysipelas patients must maintain a good mood during the treatment process. A positive attitude will help the recovery of the disease. On the contrary, a negative and impatient bad mood will delay the treatment process. What everyone must understand is that the treatment of many diseases requires a This process may be repeated and may take a long time. This is normal. You must not lose confidence in treatment because of this. You must have the confidence and determination to defeat the disease.

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