Bladder distension

What diseases may cause bladder distension and pain?

Every part of the body has its role, and some places are more fragile and need to be protected to avoid bacterial infection. The bladder is a relatively private place, and you may be unable to express pain when it occurs. However, if it is not resolved in time, bacterial infection may occur , which may lead to more serious consequences. The first thing patients need to do is understand the cause of pain and what they need to pay attention to. In this article we are going to know about bladder distension and pain.

Bladder distension
Bladder distension

What diseases may cause bladder distension and pain?

1. Viral or bacterial infection

Although bladder pain is relatively common, it cannot be ignored. The bladder is easily infected with viruses or bacteria, so pay more attention to cleaning your body and avoid soaking in public baths. If you do not pay attention to hygiene and ignore bladder pain, it will lead to more serious illnesses. as a result of.

2. Cystitis

The cystitis is the most likely cause of bladder pain. Cystitis is generally caused by infection of the urinary system . Once cystitis is confirmed through routine examinations, as long as you take some appropriate drugs, you can reduce inflammation and relieve pain, but you must confirm the diagnosis before treatment.

3. Prostate disease

Prostate disease is also more likely to cause bladder pain. For example, one of the common symptoms of prostatitis is bladder pain. There is also prostatic hyperplasia, which often occurs in middle-aged and elderly people. Prostatic hyperplasia can cause the urine in the bladder to be unable to be completely discharged, resulting in pain.

What should you pay attention to if you have bladder pain?

1. Regular inspection

Bladder pain must be caused by unhealthy factors in the body. Check regularly to find out the cause of the problem, seek help from a doctor in time, and treat it as soon as possible to restore health.

Bladder distension
Bladder distension

2. Improve eating habits

After bladder pain occurs, you should pay more attention to your diet , avoid spicy and irritating foods , and increase your water intake. Replenishing enough water can help improve the acidity of urine, thereby relieving bladder pain. Drinking more water regularly can also effectively prevent some diseases.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Many people suffer from diseases such as cystitis because they do not pay attention to personal hygiene, and if they do not pay attention to personal hygiene, it is easy to cause bacterial or viral infections. First of all, clothes should be changed frequently to ensure they are clean. Individuals also need to take frequent baths. If you are experiencing bladder pain, you can use a hot water bath, which can effectively reduce the pain. In addition, the bedding you usually use should be changed and washed every once in a while. The most important thing is to pay attention to cleaning the genitals . Especially for men, it is best to urinate before having sex.

Men who experience bladder pain will be embarrassed to go to the hospital for treatment. They must change their thinking and seek timely treatment to avoid more serious symptoms. If you pay more attention to your personal habits, you can effectively prevent bladder pain.

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