How Twins are formed, it turns out there are so many secrets!

How are twins formed? What should you pay attention to when you are pregnant with twins?

Today, we will tell you all about these twins that are a surprise.

How are twins formed?

When a pregnant mother is pregnant, two fetuses are called twins at one time.

There are two types of twins: dizygotic twins and monozygotic twins .


1. Formation of dizygotic twins

Dizygotic twins are two eggs in the uterus at the same time, which are fertilized separately to form two fertilized eggs , and then develop into two fetuses respectively.

The two eggs may be discharged from the same mature follicle, or from two mature follicles in the same ovary, or from two mature follicles in both ovaries.

The two fertilized eggs of dizygotic twins are different, so the two fetuses have their own genetic genes. The gender and blood type of the two fetuses can be the same or different, and their appearance is similar to that of ordinary brothers and sisters.

2. Formation of monozygotic twins

Monozygotic twins are formed when one fertilized egg splits into two fertilized eggs, which then develop into two fetuses.

The two fetuses have the same genes , so they have the same gender, similar appearance, blood type, physical constitution, and mental and neurological type.

Occasionally, a small number of monozygotic twins form conjoined deformities of varying degrees due to incomplete division of the fertilized egg.

What difficulties do mothers of twins encounter?

Although being pregnant with twins is an exciting thing, twin pregnancy encounters many more difficulties than single pregnancy. Twin pregnant mothers should be prepared to face these challenges.

1. Early pregnancy reaction is stronger

When you are pregnant with twins, pregnancy reactions will be more intense , such as dizziness, vomiting, insomnia, stomach pain, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, bone pain, etc.

These troubles can dampen the joy of finding out you’re having twins.


2. The physical burden is heavier

Because there are two fetuses to be conceived, the pregnant mother will gain more weight . With the weight of the two fetuses, the physical burden will be heavier.

Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, the heavy body may make the pregnant mother breathless, and walking and movement will become more difficult.

3. Many pregnancy complications

The uterus of a twin pregnancy is much larger than that of a single pregnancy, and is more likely to compress the heart, lungs, and inferior vena cava, affecting blood circulation and causing discomfort such as palpitation, dyspnea, and lower limb edema.

And it is more likely to be complicated by various pregnancy diseases, such as the incidence of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome is higher than that of singleton pregnancy.

Precautions for mothers pregnant with twins

1. Ensure adequate nutrition

Since the mother’s body has to provide nutrients to both fetuses at the same time, the required nutrients are correspondingly larger .

Especially in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is developing rapidly, which requires that the nutritional supply of pregnant mothers should not only be of quantity, but also of quality.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should consume enough protein, vitamins and minerals. They should pay attention to eating more fish, eggs, milk, lean meat and soy products, fruits and vegetables, increase the amount of whole grains appropriately, and take nutritional preparations as directed by the doctor.

Twins pregnancy
Twins pregnancy

In particular, the intake of iron must be sufficient , otherwise the iron cannot be replenished in time, and fetal dysplasia or placental hypoxia will easily occur.

After the second trimester, the hemoglobin content in the blood should be checked frequently, and the hemoglobin content in the blood should be adjusted according to the situation, or through dietary adjustment, or timely iron supplementation.

2. Strengthen prenatal check-ups

The probability of accidents in twin pregnancies is higher than that in single pregnancies , and there are also more complications. Therefore, more pregnancy check-ups must be carried out, and the number of trips to the hospital may be twice as many as that of mothers with single pregnancies.

3. Prevent miscarriage and premature birth

The uterine cavity of twin pregnancy is relatively narrow. It placental blood circulation is more likely to be obstructed. The incidence of miscarriage is 2-3 times higher than that of single pregnancy . Therefore, protection and monitoring during pregnancy should be strengthen.

In addition, premature birth is more likely to occur due to excessive uterine distension. So you should pay attention to rest throughout pregnancy, avoid sexual intercourse, and make preparations for delivery 4 weeks in advance .

How to make it easier to conceive twins?

Why are some people prone to getting pregnant with twins?

This is an interesting and much discussed question.

In scientific research, it has been found that family genetics, the age of the pregnant mother, and regional influences may increase the probability of conceiving twins.

Research shows that twin pregnancy has a family genetic tendency and is inherit from the maternal line.

If the pregnant mother herself is one of twins, her probability of giving birth to twins is 1:58.

If a pregnant mother’s father or mother is a twin, she has a high chance of giving birth to twins.

Secondly, the age of the pregnant mother is also an important influencing factor.

Statistics show that older women are more likely to be pregnant with twins.

This may be related to the gradual decline of ovarian function with age. The resulting in irregular ovulation and an increased possibility of releasing two eggs at the same time.

Whether she is pregnant with a single child or double. Every expectant mother should take good care of her body. Undergo prenatal check-ups and receive doctor’s advice in a timely manner to ensure the health of herself and her fetus.

Regardless of whether you are pregnant with 2 or not. Every baby is a God-given treasure to the family and deserves to be cherish and look forward to.

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