What is tuberculosis

What is tuberculosis? How to prevent tuberculosis?

March 24, 2024 was the 29th World Tuberculosis Day. This year’s theme is “You and I work together to end the tuberculosis epidemic.” It aims to advocate the whole society to pay attention to tuberculosis prevention and control, continuously improve health awareness, and jointly end the tuberculosis epidemic.

What is tuberculosis?

TB is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium TB infection. Pulmonary tuberculosis is the most common. The population is generally susceptible. Key groups such as the elderly and students are at a higher risk of developing TB.

Is tuberculosis spread?


TB is mainly spread through the respiratory tract. When a TB patient coughs, sneezes or talks loudly, Mycobacterium tuberculosis is spread into the air, and healthy people may become infected by inhaling the droplets carrying the bacteria. When the body’s resistance decreases, TB patients may develop. People who live together, work, and study in the same room as tuberculosis patients are close contacts of tuberculosis patients and may be infected with Mycobacterium TB. They should go to the hospital for examination and elimination in time.

What are the symptoms of tuberculosis (TB)? 

Coughing and sputum production for more than 2 weeks, hemoptysis or blood-streaked sputum are the main symptoms of TB. In addition, chest pain, low-grade fever in the afternoon, night sweats, fatigue, loss of appetite or weight loss are also common symptoms of tuberculosis.

What should you do if you get tuberculosis? 

If you have TB, you must take the initiative to report it to the school, contact the counselor promptly, and never hide your condition in class. At the same time, standard treatment will be provid, and formalities for suspension (resumption) of school will be handle in accordance with relevant regulations. Be sure to take the medicine on time, go to the hospital promptly if you experience adverse reactions, and never stop taking the medicine at will. If tuberculosis patients are not treat in a standardized manner, they are prone to develop drug-resistant TB. Once a patient becomes drug-resistant, the cure rate is low, the cost of treatment is high, and the social harm is great. TB is not terrible. We must use an optimistic and positive attitude to build confidence in treatment. As long as we adhere to standard treatment, the vast majority of TB can be cure.

To prevent tuberculosis?

The “Guidelines for TB Prevention and Control in Schools in China (2020 Edition)” jointly issued by the National Health Commission and the Ministry of Education explains 9 core information on school TB prevention and control, covering the key points of school TB prevention and control.

1. Tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease that seriously endangers people’s health over a long period of time.

2. Tuberculosis is mainly spread through the respiratory tract, and everyone may be infected.

3. If you have cough or sputum for more than 2 weeks, you should suspect TB and seek medical attention promptly.

4. Do not spit everywhere, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and wear a mask to reduce the spread of TB.

5. If you develop suspicious symptoms of TB or are diagnose with TB, you should proactively report to the school and do not conceal your condition or attend class while sick.

6. When visiting the hospital, you should truthfully tell the doctor your true information.

7. With standardized full-course treatment, the vast majority of TB patients can be cure and can avoid infecting others.

8. Develop the habit of frequently opening windows for ventilation.

9. Ensure adequate sleep, a reasonable diet, strengthen physical exercise, and improve the ability to resist diseases.

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