covid symptoms 2024

covid symptoms 2024, Do you suspect you have COVID-19?

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, people across the world have worked together and fought as one to fight the epidemic without smoke. In this article we are going to explain some about covid symptoms 2024.

Indeed, as of now, the total number of people infected with COVID-19 in the country has already exceeded SARS in 2003, and the number of deaths is also rising. From the perspective of infectiousness and scope of infection, this new coronavirus epidemic is more serious.

Experts have analyzed that COVID-19 is highly contagious and has an incubation period of up to 24 days. In addition, asymptomatic infections have also been found. At the same time, due to the overwhelming news reports and strict prevention and control measures in various places, everyone has become more sensitive to the symptoms of the disease. If you have a slight headache or fever, you will suspect that you are infected with the new coronavirus. Whether you should go to the hospital becomes a question. Selective Dilemma.

covid symptoms 2024

What are the clinical manifestations of COVID-19?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia fever, fatigue, and dry cough . A few patients are accompanied by symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and diarrhea.

50% of patients are will develop dyspnea and/or hypoxemia after a week, and severe cases can rapidly progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock, metabolic acidosis that is difficult to correct, and hemorrhage and coagulation dysfunction.

Some patients have mild onset symptoms, may not have clinical symptoms such as fever , and usually recover after 1 week.

Judging from the current cases, most patients have a good prognosis, while a few patients are in critical condition or even die. The elderly and those with chronic underlying diseases have a poorer prognosis, and the symptoms in children are relatively mild.

What are the diagnostic criteria for suspected cases?

1. Epidemiological history

(1) Have a history of travel or residence in Wuhan within two weeks before the onset of illness;

(2) Or have been in contact with patients with fever and respiratory symptoms from Wuhan within 14 days before the onset of illness;

(3) There may be clustered incidence.

(4) Have a history of contact with people infected with the new coronavirus (referring to those who have tested positive for pathogenic nucleic acid).

2. Clinical manifestations

(1) Fever and/or respiratory symptoms;

(2) Have imaging characteristics of pneumonia;

(3) The total number of white blood cells is normal or reduce in the early stage of the disease, or the lymphocyte count is reduce.

If you have any one of the epidemiological history and meet any two of the clinical manifestations, you can be suspect of being infect with COVID-19.

covid symptoms 2024
covid symptoms 2024

Do I have to go to the hospital for isolation if I develop symptoms?

Jiang Rongmeng, a member of the National Health Commission expert group and chief physician of the Second Department of Infectious Diseases at Beijing Ditan Hospital: It is recommend that everyone do a self-assessment first to see whether family members are co-morbid, whether the symptoms are mild or severe, etc.

If the body temperature does not exceed 38°C and no breathing difficulties occur , you can observe at home in the early stage, but it is best to isolate in a single room. and keep a distance of more than 1 meter from family members to avoid infection. Pay attention to hand hygiene and other disinfection matters, and monitor twice a day. body temperature.

Some patients with mild symptoms can be relieve in 7-10 days. However, if a patient in home isolation gradually develops symptoms such as fever. That does not subside or a gradual increase in body temperature. And increased fatigue, chest tightness, rapid breathing, difficulty breathing, etc. It often means that If the condition worsens, you must go to the hospital in time.

In the face of the epidemic, it is recommend that everyone maintain a regular schedule. Ensure adequate drinking water and energy. If you have mild symptoms, you can consult an online hospital before going to the hospital. To avoid increasing the chance of infection. When dealing with COVID-19, do not believe or spread rumors, and do not over-exaggerate panic. I believe that with the strong measures taken by the central government, the epidemic will be under control soon.

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