Betel nut

Does betel nut fight cancer or cause cancer?

Betel nut is like a cigarette to many people, it is addictive. It can be said that they eat it every day, all the time, and are eaten by people of all ages. However, since there were rumors that it can cause cancer , many people are afraid to eat it. In fact, it has no carcinogenic effect, but carcinogenic seasonings are added in the process of making it . Studies have shown that fresh betel nut is not only non-carcinogenic, but also has very good anti-cancer effects. It is a rare anti-cancer and anti-cancer food.

Betel nut
Betel nut

Nutritional facts of betel nut

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine , it is considered a good medicinal material with rich nutritional and medicinal value. it contains fat , betel nut oil, alkaloids, catechins, choline and other nutrients and beneficial substances needed by the human body.

The effect of betel nut

1. It has anthelmintic effect: it has an insecticidal effect and has been used to treat parasitic infections such as stripworm, hookworm, and Fasciolopsis .

2. Helps digestion and helps digest food accumulation: Chewing it increases the tension of gastrointestinal smooth muscles, enhances intestinal motility, promotes gastric juice secretion, helps digestion, and enhances appetite.

3. Diuretic, respiration, and detoxification effects: People with frequent constipation may eat a small amount, soak 10g of betel nut in water, and take it after meals to effectively improve constipation symptoms.

4. Prevent high blood pressure : It can effectively inhibit the activity of angiotensin transferase and has a certain preventive effect on high blood pressure.

Experts have found that it contains tannins and phenolic substances that can fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. It can resist aging, significantly inhibit the aging of skin tissue and skin inflammatory response, and effectively prevent aging. The betel nut fruit and its extract have the potential to prepare anti-AIDS drugs. .

Anti-cancer effects

The anti-cancer effect of betel nut is actually related to the ingredients it contains. First of all, it contains catechins and phenolic compounds with strong antioxidant activity. Which can inhibit cancer cells in the human body, especially gastric cancer and liver cancer. In addition, together with other anti-cancer drugs, has anti-cancer effects on liver cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, rectal cancer, etc.

Things to note when eating betel nut

Many people think that it can cause cancer, but it is actually related to the way it is processed. Fresh or processed betel nut is a good health food. The anti-cancer effect of it is first-rate. Don’t eat too much it. Biting it too lightly can cause inflammation, swelling, and pain around the roots of the teeth. The weight of the dental calculus can cause adverse reactions such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing.

Why betel nut causes cancer

Areca nut is clinically defined as a first-level carcinogen. As a food, it may be carcinogenic because it can damage the oral mucosa. It also contains arecoline and polyphenols, which can also increase the risk of cancer.

1. Damage to the oral mucosa: Long-term chewing of betel nut may cause damage to the oral mucosa, leading to apoptosis and necrosis of mucosal cells, thereby increasing the risk of cancer, mainly due to physical damage.

2. Arecoline: This substance damages the cells of the oral mucosa and can cause cell DNA to break or protein to denature, thereby further increasing the risk of cancer, especially oral cancer, mainly due to chemical substances. Increased risk of cancer.

3. Polyphenols: These compounds can also damage oral mucosal cells, causing cells to become cancerous, leading to the occurrence of cancer diseases such as oral cancer.

Therefore, clinically, in order to reduce the occurrence of oral cancer and other cancer diseases, it is recommended that chewing betel nut and other carcinogens is prohibited, and oral hygiene should also be paid attention to to avoid an increase in the risk of cancer due to long-term chronic damage to oral mucosal cells.

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