Why do some people die within a few months after being diagnosed with cancer ?

The current incidence of cancer is really too high. Nearly 4 million patients are diagnosed with cancer every year, and more than 2.2 million patients die from cancer every year. You will find that most patients can survive for a long time or even be cured after being diagnosed with it. However, there are also some friends who were just diagnosed with it and died within a few months or even a few days. Why does this happen? Today we will talk about this topic.

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Although treatment has made tremendous progress. Many cancers can be cured and lead to long-term survival. However, there are still some patients who cannot be cure and have extremely high mortality rates. If it only takes a few months from the discovery of this disease to death, it may be related to the following factors:

(1) The tumor is highly malignant

Some cancers develop very quickly, and many treatments cannot achieve good results, such as pancreatic, liver, gallbladder, cholangiocarcinoma, small cell lung, anaplastic thyroid, etc. These tumors are highly malignant and are not suitable for radiotherapy. Chemotherapy, targeted therapy and other methods are not effective. Therefore, the cure rate is relatively low. Taking pancreatic cancer as an example, the 5-year survival rate of pancreatic cancer has been stagnant, always only 5% to 10%. Most pancreatic cancer patients die within half a year. Pancreatic cancer is called The king of cancers. The five-year survival rate of liver cancer patients is only about 10%, and only about 10% of liver cancer patients can survive for more than 5 years.

(2) Discovered late

This is also one of the reasons why these patients have a high mortality rate. No matter what kind of cancer it is. It is only diagnose at a late stage. Most late-stage cancer patients have no chance of cure. For most patients with terminal tumors and extensive metastasis, the median survival time is only about half a year. Taking gastric cancer as an example, the cure rate for early-stage gastric cancer is extremely high and can exceed 90%. If gastric cancer has metastasized extensively, the 5-year survival rate does not exceed 10%.

The incidence rate of gastric cancer in Japan and South Korea is higher than that in China. But they detect it early and have a 5-year survival rate of more than 70%. Gastric cancer is rarely detect early and the 5-year survival rate is only about 30%. Therefore, if the tumor is already at an advanced stage when it is discover, it will be really difficult for doctors to treat it, and death may occur within a few months.

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Most cancers, especially cancers inside the body. Such as liver, stomach, intestinal, esophageal , pancreatic , ovarian and other cancers. In the early stages, there are no obvious symptoms and signs. If you do not have regular physical examinations, you may miss the best opportunity for treatment. Therefore, everyone should participate in regular physical examinations every year to detect it early and obtain good treatment results.

(3) Died from tumor emergency

There are some cancer emergencies that can endanger the patient’s life in a short period of time. Such as tumor rupture, causing massive bleeding, such as patients with lung cancer, massive hemoptysis. Which can block the airway and kill people within a few minutes; tumors such as gastric and intestinal cancer , causing gastrointestinal perforation; tumor patients are at high risk for thrombosis. Thrombosis blocks the pulmonary artery and causes pulmonary embolism, which is life-threatening. This disease emergencies are very dangerous and can kill patients in a very short period of time.

(4) Other reasons

As we all know, it tends to occur in middle-aged and elderly people. Elderly patients may be complicate by other diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc.

There are also some patients who have many underlying diseases. When undergoing surgery or radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The body may be hit hard, and they may die from complications of treatment (pictures are from the Internet, deleted for infringement).

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