Female Reproductive system

Why do women need to take care of their reproductive system?

The human reproductive system is the latest system to develop. The mature development of the reproductive system symbolizes the overall maturity of the human being. The aging of the female reproductive system begins first in a person’s life. A woman’s physiological function reaches its peak around the age of 30, and then gradually declines, and symptoms of aging in the reproductive system also appear.

Reproductive system
Reproductive system

Female reproductive system

The female reproductive system is very tough and fragile, and is extremely difficult to maintain. Insufficient nutritional supplements, poor health maintenance, menstruation, sexual intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth and miscarriage, birth control, etc., all damage the reproductive system, causing pathological changes and many troubles in the female reproductive system. main reason. The tangible organs (hard body) of the female reproductive system include glands, ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina, and vulva. It is the endocrine system that regulates the entire system, and the response mechanism (regulatory software) of endocrine hormones is the Ren, Du, Chong, and Dai meridians of the meridian system. The health of the female reproductive system is vital.

The health of the reproductive system is directly related to the estrogen level of the entire body. The reproductive system is healthy, and the endocrine secretion of estrogen and progesterone accurately follows the menstrual cycle. Therefore, menstruation comes and goes without backache or abdominal pain, and the mood is relaxed and happy. The reproductive system is sound, the Ren and Du pulses are strong, the Chong pulse and the Belt pulse are naturally normal, so the back is straight, the waist is thin, the chest is strong, the buttocks are strong, the thighs are free of fat, the lower abdomen is not bulging, there are no bags under the eyes, no wrinkles, and no acne. , stay away from stains. Therefore, ensuring the health of the reproductive system is of great importance. Be sure to take care of the source of health and beauty—the female reproductive system!

female reproductive system diagram
female reproductive system diagram

The female reproductive system is quite “fragile”

[A woman’s life is very tiring, especially the reproductive system. The physiological structure is special, very fragile, and extremely difficult to maintain. She is most susceptible to the four stages of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and childbirth. Miscarriage, sexual intercourse, and birth control pills, etc., cause great damage to the reproductive system. , it is also the most difficult to recover after injury. The importance and special functions of the reproductive system determine the uniqueness and exclusivity of this system. In order to nurture life and protect the fetus, it rejects any substance outside its system and absorbs less than 1/50 of it. 】

●Two 1/50 Insufficiencies

 Insufficient 1/50 drug absorption: Whether it is oral or injected drugs, they pass through the stomach, large intestine, small intestine, liver and then enter the blood circulation, and finally travel to the reproductive system, only less than 1/50 is absorbed. As a result, gynecological diseases are stubborn and difficult to cure, and even become more and more serious, leading to malignant transformation.
 Absorption of nutrients is less than 1/50: It is difficult to maintain the normal physiological requirements of the reproductive system, making it low in immunity and susceptible to infection. Cause premature aging, sagging, dryness, darkening, etc.

●Three extremely easy

To damage: the reproductive system is easily tired, has special physiological structure, is very fragile, and extremely difficult to maintain. It is most susceptible to menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, sexual intercourse, birth control pills, etc., all of which will damage the reproductive system. It is difficult to fully rest, heal, and recover.
 Easy to infection: The female reproductive system is an open organ. It is exposed to a closed, airtight and polluted environment all year round. A large amount of toxins accumulate here, which can easily cause the growth and upward infection of bacteria and viruses, causing facial spots and acne. , rash, dark yellow.  Extremely susceptible to cold: The female reproductive system is located above the Ren channel and belongs to the yin within yin. It is extremely susceptible to the influence of various cold and dampness, resulting in cold coagulation and blood stasis (dark blood with blood clots), uterine cold infertility, and abdominal pain during menstruation. , cold hands and feet, etc. 

●The relationship between reproductive care and appearance

 Women are like flowers, and reproduction is like roots. If you want beautiful flowers, the roots must be healthy! Spots, acne, or dark complexion, sagging skin, wrinkles, etc. on the face are all caused by endocrine disorders. If you want to solve these skin problems, the key is to solve them fundamentally, so good reproductive care is the key!

●The relationship between reproductive maintenance and body shape

 Estrogen can suppress the fat content in the blood and control the release of fat, and androgen can burn fat. Insulin breaks down sugar in the body. Endocrine disorders can also easily lead to fat accumulation, leading to obesity and waistline.

●Poor reproductive maintenance leads to gynecological diseases

 Gynecological diseases include vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, cervical polyps, cervical cancer, as well as endometritis, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and even uterine cancer, and Ovarian cysts, salpingitis or fallopian tube obstruction and adnexitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, breast lobular hyperplasia, breast hyperplasia, or breast fibroma, or even breast cancer, etc. These gynecological diseases not only cause great physical pain, but also seriously affect the sexual life of couples and even affect the next generation.

●The relationship between reproductive care and menstrual period

 Gynecological issues such as the amount of menstruation, the length of menstruation, the color of menstruation, whether there are blood clots, dysmenorrhea, etc. Heavy menstrual flow, blood clots, and prolonged menstruation may be uterine fibroids or uterine cancer. Menstrual disorders or dysmenorrhea may be caused by endocrine disorders and endometriosis. Normal leucorrhea is egg white-like, transparent and colorless. A bit sticky. If the vaginal discharge is thick, white or yellowish-white, curd-like, tofu-like, or foamy, then there is a problem with our reproductive system.

 Under normal circumstances, the bacterial flora in the vagina is relatively balanced, and the pH is relatively balanced. This environment suitable for the temporary storage and passage of sperm is very important. Once this environment is destroyed, infertility will easily occur. Inducing other diseases, bacterial vaginosis can induce genital infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, perinephritis, dyspareunia and other diseases. Impact on quality of life Bacterial vaginosis will be accompanied by vulvar itching and other symptoms, which will cause a lot of inconvenience and impact on women’s life and work, and will also affect the life of couples.

●Reproductive care and menopausal symptoms

 The main symptoms include bad temper, moodiness, insomnia and dreaminess, memory loss, immunity decline, menstrual disorders, and even menopause. These are mainly caused by the decline in ovarian function leading to premature ovarian failure, aging of the reproductive system, early menopause, and skin disease. Sagging, wrinkles and age spots appear quickly, and aging begins quickly.

●The relationship between reproductive care and family happiness

 According to statistics, 34.7% of divorce cases in China in recent years are due to “disharmonious sexual life.” With the development of the times, disharmony in sexual life has become an “invisible killer” affecting marriages. Sex is a beautiful and pure thing between husband and wife. Don’t let each other’s negligence become the “culprit” in capsizing the ship of marriage. Women, if you feel that your husband is dissatisfied with your performance in bed, you cannot turn a blind eye. You must be aware of this and find out the reasons for the disharmony. There is a way to resolve everything. Don’t wait until he cheats on you before you think of repairing your marriage. That way you will be very passive and it will be too late!

●The relationship between reproductive care and children

 Giving a baby itself is a damaging process to the female reproductive system. For example, if it is a natural birth, the vaginal opening needs to be cut to make it easier for the fetus to be delivered. This causes vaginal looseness and scarring, and the wound is also prone to infection. A caesarean section is particularly damaging and makes it difficult for the body to repair itself after delivery. Resulting in intrauterine toxin residues and frequent inflammation. And a healthy uterus gives birth to a healthy baby. When our own reproductive system is unhealthy, such as kidney deficiency during pregnancy. The baby may also be born with insufficient kidney. During pregnancy, estrogen and androgen are high or low, and the baby may be born unhealthy.

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