Eyebrows determine the length of life. it may be a sign of serious illness!

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine once pointed out: “Beautiful eyebrows indicate abundant blood and qi in the Taiyang meridian of the foot, while ugly eyebrows indicate insufficient blood and qi.” The ancients interpreted ugly eyebrows as “brows without brilliance and dry.” Therefore, long, thick, dense, and moist eyebrows reflect abundant blood and qi; on the contrary, sparse, short, thin, dry and flaky eyebrows reflect insufficient blood and qi.

In fact, the prosperity, decline and pathological changes of the five internal organs will be reflected on the body surface through the media such as essence, blood and body fluid. The past, eyebrows were called the longevity organ, and those with sparse and neat eyebrows lived the longest. In fact, eyebrows are a barometer of health, and some diseases will be reflected through eyebrows.

▲Professor Wang Hongmo, professor at Capital Medical University, chief physician, doctoral supervisor, and famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Beijing, has made many achievements in creating TCM color diagnosis, objectifying diagnosis methods, improving syndrome differentiation system, restoring and constructing meridian system, and multi-level correspondence between body surface and internal organs.

Health from eyebrows

Eyebrows are called the palace of longevity and are related to a person’s life. Therefore, the old people in folk legends often have a pair of long eyebrows, that is, “longevity eyebrow”. If the eyebrows are just the right shade, moderate thickness, beautiful and curved, neat and shiny, and the tail of the eyebrow is slightly drooping, such eyebrows represent longevity. In addition, the ancient physiognomy book says “long and drooping eyebrow mean longevity”, and people with long eyebrow and drooping eyebrows will undoubtedly live a long life. But if the eyebrows are in the following situations, you should pay more attention to your health!

1. Eyebrows grow longer and begin to age

Generally, the eyebrows of the elderly are longer, while the eyebrow of the young are shorter. Why is this? Because long and luxuriant eyebrow are one of the signs of aging.

The ancients often said, “Those with long eyebrow live longer.” In fact, longer eyebrows have little to do with whether you live longer, but they are one of the signs of aging. Longer eyebrows are a sign that the body’s regulatory mechanism is beginning to show signs of decreased function.

If you find that your eyebrows are starting to grow longer and gradually become thicker, you must pay attention to it. Adjusting your diet and lifestyle habits and maintaining a certain appetite are one of the best ways to fight aging. The second is to increase exercise and walk briskly for more than half an hour every day. You cannot keep your body in a “leisurely” state all the time, otherwise the body will be like a part that will rust if not used.

Hegu and Neiguan are the body’s own immortal points. You can press them anytime and anywhere as long as you have time. It should be noted that it is best to feel soreness and swelling in the acupoints when pressing them. However, pregnant women are forbidden to press Hegu.

2. Dry eyebrows: poor lung function

Few and dry eyebrows indicate that the lungs are deficient in qi . Insufficient lung qi can cause a series of lung diseases, which are manifested externally as coughing, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, and sometimes chest tightness. If not taken seriously, it can easily lead to lung cancer. Many lung cancer patients are already in the middle and late stages when they are discovered. Therefore, when eyebrow appear dry, you must pay more attention to lung health.

Countermeasure: Laugh more and eat more

Traditional Chinese medicine has a saying that “laughing often can open up the lungs”. Laughter can expand the lungs and clear the “turbid air” from the respiratory tract. When people laugh heartily, they can absorb more oxygen, which travels throughout the body with the blood, making every cell in the body full of vitality.

To nourish the lungs, you should eat more white foods, such as white fungus, lily, peanuts, cabbage, radish, winter melon, lotus root, yam, etc. In addition to daily frying, stir-frying, steaming and boiling, the ideal cooking method is to make soup or porridge, such as white radish and peanut soup, cabbage soup, winter melon soup, lotus root soup, lily and lotus seed millet porridge, etc.

3. Upturned eyebrows: prone to cystitis


The upturned eyebrows mentioned here do not refer to the shape of the eyebrows themselves, but the hair itself is upturned. Upturned eyebrows are a sign of cystitis. The bladder is the organ responsible for urination in the human body. Once there is a problem with it, it will affect the overall functioning and health of the body, and in severe cases it will also lead to bladder cancer.

When there is a problem with the bladder, the body’s detoxification work will also be hindered. The toxins in the urine cannot be excreted from the body in time and will accumulate in the body. Upturned eyebrows also reflect that there are too many toxins in the body, which is a detoxification signal sent by the body.

Countermeasures: Drink more water and don’t hold your urine . You should take more rest and drink more water to flush your bladder. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of boiled water every day as part of a healthy diet, and reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeine to a very low level.

Also, do not hold your urine, pay attention to hygiene, and keep your lower body clean. Pay more attention to the choice of underwear, wear cotton underwear, and avoid synthetic fiber products, otherwise it will hinder proper air circulation and promote bacterial growth.

4. Eyebrow loss: insufficient Qi and blood

If eyebrows fall out abnormally, there may be something wrong with your body. Different ways of eyebrow loss also represent different diseases.

People with thin, sparse and easily falling eyebrows are often those with weak qi and blood, and those who are frail and sickly. Such patients are prone to cold hands and feet, and their kidney qi is also weak.

Patients with hypothyroidism and hypopituitarism often have their eyebrows fall out easily, especially in the outer 1/3 of the eyebrows. Most patients also experience slow reaction, dizziness, deafness and tinnitus, and more serious patients may even suffer from dementia.

In the early stage of leprosy, the skin outside the eyebrows of patients becomes thick and the eyebrow fall out. Patients with alopecia areata may also experience eyebrow loss. Cancer, syphilis, and severe anemia may also cause eyebrow loss. Some anti-cancer or anti-metabolism drugs also have this side effect.

Eyebrow care is health care

Eyebrows are not just a part of the face, they are also closely connected to the health of the body. However, 99% of people don’t know that eyebrow also need care.

Wash your eyebrows regularly

Not many people wash their eyebrows when washing their face. In fact, this does not achieve the effect of cleaning the roots of eyebrow. There is oil secreted by eyebrow at the roots of eyebrow. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will block the skin near the eyebrow, which is not conducive to the growth of eyebrow.

Groom your eyebrows regularly

Eyebrow need to be combed just like hair. In addition to combing your hair every day, you should also comb and massage your eyebrow regularly.

Don’t pluck your eyebrows

Many female friends have the habit of plucking their eyebrow, but this habit must be changed. Plucking eyebrow will damage the skin and hair follicles. If you do this for a long time, the growth of eyebrow will become irregular. Moreover, after plucking eyebrow, bacteria may take advantage of the opportunity to enter, which brings the risk of secondary folliculitis.

The most important point is that long-term eyebrow plucking will cause the skin around the eyelids to become loose. Loose eyelids will make you look ten years older, and it is irreversible!

Tips for thick eyebrows

If you want thick eyebrow, you can wash your eyebrow with Asman grass or use the ash of this grass to apply eyebrow. This is a kind of grass in Xinjiang China, and some places specialize in selling eyebrow pencils made of Asman grass.

If you want thick eyebrows, you can also start from childhood. Shave the eyebrow of your child from one month old to three years old, once every week, for three consecutive times.

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